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On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Our Mission

Your Partners In Travel is here to serve all of your vacation and business travel needs. Over the years I have taken my clients away from the stress of everyday life and helped create a relaxing and fun adventure vacation. 
I believe everyone deserves their dream vacation, so if none of the various travel suppliers' packages look right for you, I can help create your own special vacation. I am here to serve your needs, and make your vacation one you will always remember.
Please note that arranging and coordinating an independent vacation tailored to your needs and desires does require extra time for the planning, communicating and booking of your trip, it is not just a "one call" option, therefore I do charge for my services. Most tour companies, hotels and supplies provide a commission to travel agents, in situations where you have chosen a product that does not offer a commission, such as a small B&B or transfer service, then a service fee will be charged.  This amount is equal to about 8% of the cost of product, accommodation or service being secured on your behalf.
Thank you for your understanding and realilizing - that one can not work for free and still remain in business.

My History

Our company has been taking our clients on exciting adventures for years. I have be fortunate enought to travel to many places in the world and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of destinations with my clients.   
I have been in travel since 1976, holding various positions:travel agent at Pioneer Valley Travel and Central Travel Bureau, Manager of the Central Travel office located on the UMass campus, Director of Group Sales for CENCA TOURS, and also an instructor at Central Travel School, Springfield, MA. for a number of years.
You will also note that I am also a CTC, Certified Travel Counselor (the equilivant to a graduate level degree in Travel Management). 

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